This is not a court: it is close to the body and only


Это не суд: это близость к телу — и только

In vain all so surprised prosecutors requested 10 years in a strict regime for the speaker. We just have a bad memory. That answer offhand: what is the term of the former mayor of Yaroslavl Eugene Urlashov? Just don’t be surprised: twelve and a half years.

The more murky case of the “bribe”, the same suspicions that had put for another.

In fact, if you look objectively, in the speaker’s word against the word: here’s a version Sechin-Feoktistov about the trick, here’s a version of the speaker about wine. Instead of establishing the truth, the court played hide and seek with Sechin. That in itself hints: no, it was not a court, but a struggle of bulldogs under the carpet, only that this time the carpet was a little out of the way.

If it comes in policy, neither of which justice can not speak — there are quite other motives. Here Urlashov is 12.5 years. But Vasilyeva, instead of the colony strolled through Moscow, alternates with Serdyukov in chapters cosy TSZH of the house on Dairy lane.

This is not a court: it is close to the body.

Now will just have to wait for “sentence”: it is unpredictable at the best of the Byzantine canons. But may affect the case of Nikita Belykh, the even more tortuous than the Minister.


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