This is a must see: Peugeot turned in the Volga


Это надо видеть: Peugeot превратили в необычную Волгу Unusual tuning.

Recently gaining popularity is custom tuning cars, some used cars will stylise under a GAZ-21 Volga.

For example, we remember the Volga on the Mercedes S600 W140, BMW 6 Series and Buick Electra. Now I want to tell about one Peugeot in the style of the GAZ-21.

Before us is a Peugeot 407 Coupe. Like other similar cars, the design of the machine looks original – modernity resonates with retro motifs. From the Volga at that French grille, optics, hood and trunk, side moldings doors etc.

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In the cabin and under the bonnet – no change (although with the helm removed the logo of the manufacturer). The movement meets a 211-horsepower 3.0-liter six, joined with the automatic transmission.

Это надо видеть: Peugeot превратили в необычную Волгу

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