“This food even the dogs are not going to feed”


«Такой едой даже собак не будешь кормить»

Ex-employee of the company “schoolboy” (part of the company “Concord” Eugene Prigogine) Natalia Shilova gave an extensive interview to the employee Fund to fight corruption Lyubov Sobol, in which he told how in fact the company, which provides meals in kindergartens and schools of the capital.

Natalia Shilova got a job in the company “schoolboy” to see “what children and teachers poisoned” in the canteens of educational institutions. The fact that the child Shilova has long does not eat at school because the cost of breakfasts and Lunches is too high, and the quality, according to women leaves much to be desired.

In “Moscow schoolboy” Shilova controlled the process of cooking food with 25 kitchens. In the company the woman worked for long — just five months. According to Shilova, she was “fired because she was trying to get at the truth that children are not poisoned” she wanted to kindergartens and schools became, at last, began to supply quality products.

Shilova said in an interview that the kitchens used meat the third category and expired products: sour berries compote, fruit and vegetables. In the kitchens, according to Shilov, the poor hygiene. “During one of the checks I found the toilet which was signed as a washing tub for processing of vegetables and fruits. I asked the question of how and why product processing occurs on such equipment,” she says.

In addition, according to Shilova, the cook in “schoolboy” is not passed the corresponding examination from the doctors. Shilov also said that regular inspections of Rospotrebnadzor and the center for disease control documents of the enterprise were forged, they literally “print just on the printer”.

In some educational institutions, according to Shilov, deliberately dovozili range of products, the employees of “Moscow schoolboy” knew in advance. When representatives of schools demanded “Moscow schoolboy” compensation, representatives of the firm Eugene Prigogine taken in other schools, missing products, and drove to where there was outrage. Over the past few years, the company “Concord”, add, has received government contracts worth more than 51 billion rubles.

Recall that in kindergartens of Moscow in the end of last year there was a mass outbreak of dysentery. The majority of kindergartens, where massively ill children, were in the South-East of the capital. In all kindergartens, where cases of dysentery, food were supplied by Concord, owned by, if you believe the SPARK database, Eugene Prigogine, whom the media called “Putin’s cook”.

Recently the Moscow city hall and the mother of the kids, sick from dysentery, held a series of pickets. Women demanded from the head of the capital Sergey Sobyanin to answer them, who will be responsible for the mass illness of children, whether the investigation into the matter.


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