This disease will be cured unhealthy drink


Beer is useful for diabetics

there was a meeting of the European Association for the study of diabetes, and her Chinese
scientists said that beer can be useful.

This writes the with reference to hyser.

conducted an analysis of ten previous works, which have been associated with the use of
alcohol and diabetes mellitus type II. In the sample of these works are 575 people who
studies have been done.

concluded that if you drink alcohol moderately (not less than 20 grams
ethanol), it improves the processing of glucose. This number contains 500
ml beer, 200 ml wine or 50 ml of spirits.

“In order
to conduct accurate studies of the effect of alcohol on blood sugar levels,
need more time”, — quotes the edition of Dr. Julina Chen.

But colleagues
Chinese scientists don’t share their opinions. The less a person uses
alcoholic beverages, the lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and
also stroke, so you need to drink alcohol less, but not more
says Professor Naveed Sattar, an expert in the field of metabolism.


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