This country has lost! (part 1)


Такую страну потеряли! (часть 1)

Since Soviet times, I was left with a persistent reflex, which pushes friends of Cypriots in the extreme degree of amazement.

I read magazines from the end. Take a magazine, open the last page and skim to the beginning. And does not grow out – a reflex. People raised in the Soviet Union there is no need to explain the nature of this reflex. In the happy Soviet country in any log on the first 2/3 of the pages were printed editorials “At a meeting of the twenty-some Congress of the CPSU”, “five-year plan in four years”, “dear Leonid Ilyich signed pioneers his brilliant book Malaya Zemlya” and other propagadistskoy crap, to read that it was impossible because of the laws of Physics.

Therefore, the Soviet people read magazines from the end as the last pages were printed those of normal materials for which actually produced the magazine.

Why do I say this?

I recently got hooked on the magazine “Radio” for 50 years. Cook one polunochnyy work about how semiconductors were introduced into our lives, and accordingly, will monitor this process in the popular scientific periodicals of those years.

And I really got hooked on all these Soviet editorials. Now with the distance of 70 years, read them, read with interest. An entire era unfolds before you as the palm.

Because “Radio” technical journal and writes about the greatness of Stalin and the Soviet Union, with technical, not from an ideological point of view, the censorship there is probably not fucking understand what is written, and therefore did not become bitter. As described there hell of hell, where lived the Soviet people 50 years. I understand only now with the distance of 70 years.

Know what the problem was before the Soviet radio in 50 years? TV? Cosmic connection? New circuitry? The training of specialists?

But damn – the main task is to ratifitsirovala farms! Not in the sense that the tractor stations to equip, and to sit in house farmers radio receiving. That’s such an impossible task was that I could not solve all the 50 E. Journal of radio even says that some strange gap is obtained: watching Soviet cinema in all the villages of speakers on poles and in houses, and will come to any village, fuck that is nowhere.

And from room to room, for three years I read editorials on the same topic of how to make the collective farms was the radio.

In principle to do so as to in the collective farms was like in the movies is no big deal. Bo advanced Soviet industry produces equipment for radios, in excess. However it didn’t work, and breaks through the day. But the party and the government in taking care of workers is provided and each radio unit is supplied with a full set of spare parts. So while one part is repaired instead worked to spare, and then Vice versa. Each one comes with a few pages given to the exchange of experience on how to provide this continuity.

But still didn’t work.

Because it turns out to work radios require electricity. And his farms there. Well, that is, of course, the country’s electricity in excess, because Lenin’s GOELRO plan in action. So Yes, in the whole country have electricity. But in each farm – it is not.

But it does not matter, because included with each radio station, our Soviet industry uninterrupted supplies wind turbines to power the radio electricity. Only it didn’t work for me. Because in order to work, the wind needs to blow with the right force. If the wind is blowing weakly, the blades rotate will not. And if the wind is blowing strong, then the blade will break. And blow to any strong and not weak, and as needed the wind to blow can’t.

But it does not matter, because the brilliant Soviet engineers came up with a setup that allows you to power rural radio units from the district center through telephone and Telegraph wires. So the industry began to produce. But since telephone and Telegraph wires for power transmission, until the collective reaches only half of the desired voltage. A lamp under that kind of pressure refuse to work. Therefore, the number of pages in each room discussed how to operate the lamp at half voltage.

But it does not matter because the electricity can be taken not only of the wires, and batteries. This works well only batteries in rural shops there. Because heads of stores refuse to take them for sale. And refused to take because of the three batteries – two are not working, and this hassle, they do not need it. And two batteries of three do not work because they have expired. And the expiration date they came out, because heads of stores refuse to take them. Therefore, in each issue of the printed material on the topic, how to force the store Manager to take non-performing batteries for sale.

But even this is not a problem because the batteries can be made most of the old car battery, clay and pine boards. And it will work! But the cost will be, like a space ship.

But it does not matter, because there are simple detector receivers, which do not need electricity. They work due to the energy of the received radio signal. But since this signal is weak, then the detector receiver barely can listen to only one person in the headphones.

But the whole country is studying the initiative of comrade Ivanov, who was able to build a loudspeaker crystal radio set. Unfortunately, to repeat the success of comrade Ivanov nobody could, because he lives only 100 metres from the station and all the others live on.

But the problem is not just that. The village is absolutely not supplied the electronic components to make the crystal radio what Radio log with indignation writes in every room. Therefore, special attention deserves the initiative of the pioneers of the village Nizhnesaldinskogo, who persuaded the head of MTS not to throw away your broken magneto tractors, and to give the pioneers. And one of the only magneto can produce wire in coils for two hundred for the crystal radio. Though some coils without the headphones and detector refuse to work, but the main thing is to make the initiative!

Moreover, the pioneers of the village Beznadejnoe learned in the classroom to glue the speakers to the radio and now as soon as the power will be, with speakers no problems. But they are, in a sense, speakers are not working. Because the glue that with the fulfillment of the plan for Soviet industry produces somehow glues. Well, that is glue, but only at first, and it falls off.

In this regard, attention deserves the initiative of the pioneers of the Lena Petrova from Seibenick, which is suggested not to glue the coil on the speaker to the cone and sew it with a needle and thread. According to Lena, repaired in such a manner the speaker has been working for three months and still nothing came off. The plant is interested in this incredible result, and now the plant’s specialists are studying the initiative of the pioneers.

So, this country has lost!

PS If you think I’m kidding, not at all. A digest compiled from the actual journal’s publications for a 50 to 53 years.


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