This beverage, drunk on an empty stomach activates the process of losing weight


Этот напиток, выпитый натощак активизирует процесс похуденияTasty and healthy.

If you lose weight, detox, prepare a cocktail and drink it every morning. This drink will cleanse the body of toxins, strengthen immunity and to speed up the process of weight loss.

Drink drink for weight loss on an empty stomach and do not eat after 2 hours.

The drink recipe for weight loss:

red pepper a pinch:
– fresh ginger;
– turmeric 1 tsp;
– ground cinnamon;
– med;
– lemon;
– warm water.

How to make a drink for weight loss:

1. Slice the lemon slices. In hot water put sliced lemon, cinnamon and turmeric. Let sit for an hour.

2. Add a honey, slices of ginger and pepper.

3. Strain the drink and drink it every morning in small SIPS. The slimming effect will be noticeable after a week of regular use.


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