Thinkers who have taken Golunova, miscalculated


Мыслители, которые взяли Голунова, все же просчитались

The arrest of journalist Ivan Golunova in the center of Moscow, planted drugs, and pictures of drug labs, which allegedly was located in his apartment, remove “quality of life” in Russia to a new level.

The person who ordered this arrest and do not hesitate to act in such a clumsy, absolutely believe that all life is specifically and personally to them.

But there is no Central African Republic, so that the reaction will be noticeable and for someone still painful. Especially after a connection is established: for a specific investigation Golunova arrived.

Although I’m discouraged by what is happening, I think that the thinkers who took Golunova, miscalculated, and now they are waiting for a prolonged confrontation with the most unexpected opponents.

To win such a thing is impossible, but to inflict unacceptable damage for business owners of life. Pouchastvuem the same, whatever they may be.


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