Things that can ruin even the most stylish way. Photo


Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. ФотоThose rules better not be broken.

Fashion is not only cyclical, but also very Moody: what recently was considered a fashion failure, it can conquer world’s catwalks next season. Despite this, there are trends that you want to unsee forever, because they have neither the beauty nor the practical sense.

We have made a selection of the most bland and boring things, which is to say: “Go away and don’t come back”.

1. Jewelled hair pins

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Despite the triumphant return of the spiral headbands and combs for hair from the 90s, some of the time not worth remembering. Hair clips with rhinestones, artificial pearls and spray “gold-silver” kill all the beauty of the hair, making it pretentious and tasteless.

What to replace? Free locks with minimal styling or relaxed tail, braids, bun. As for accessories, a good accent will be geometric hairpins in the form of a circle, triangle or strips. You can do without them using Bobby pins and elastics to match the hair.

2. Synthetic lace

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Lace is one of the most feminine items of clothing, and in 2018 it again at the peak of popularity. However, lace dresses collections from famous designers as different from guipure patterns of the mass market. Cheap lace, synthetic fabric looks corny and tacky and adds the image of romance.

What to replace? Lace things of high quality are often found in young designers also have the option to order them from a dressmaker, yourself buying fabric. If you are not willing to spend the money, it is better to select things from a simple, smooth material, adding charm along with unusual cut or draping.

3. Sneakers with hidden platform

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

The creation of Isabel Marant, which with the light hand of local fashionistas came to be called “marant”, in other countries, is a more familiar name “sneakers”. These shoes are not suitable for training or running, the decorative function also remains in question. The only thing they can expect is the addition of several inches of growth due to the hidden platform.

What to replace? Bulky models with deliberately rough and thick soles. They look quite stylish and new ways to combine them with any clothes, from denim to romantic outfits. However, they also make us a little higher.

4. Acrylic sweater

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Yes, we know that a sweater wasn’t acrylic in the mass market is almost impossible. But this does not negate its downsides: such things appear quickly, other balls, she electrified and tingling. By the way, acrylic is very poorly warm in the cold, so we advise you to completely exclude him from the closet.

What to replace? Ideally, a cashmere sweater, it is the most durable and warm. If you want you can find a cheap wool options with a low synthetic fiber content that are responsible for wear resistance.

5. Polyester floor-length skirt

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

The floor-length skirt – a classic that is relevant in any season, but only under the condition of correct choice of fabric. Polyester looks cheap and tacky, as if the thing bought in a tent in the market (though it may be not so). Even if to combine this skirt with a stylish shirt or blouse, the image will be mediocre.

What to replace? Long skirt of linen, denim, silk.

6. Summer boots

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Despite the fact that lace summer boots takes pride of place in most rankings of antitrend to eradicate them completely failed so far. No matter what fans of this Shoe, it is not suitable neither shorts nor to a flowing dress or mini-skirt. The best we can do is to leave it in his memoirs.

What to replace? Summer espadrilles with lace trim. Such models are suitable for denim, long skirts and linen clothes. However, lace is not necessarily – year-old shoes can be made of thin leather and is decorated with only perforations.

7. Regency

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Fashion a cross between jeans and leggings has passed, and we can breathe a sigh of relief. Too pretentious and flashy for the gym, too tight for everyday wear – Regency literally screaming about a bad taste.

What to replace? Jeans the right cut for the street and stretchy leggings for sports activities.

8. Afghani

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Despite its rich history, full of UPS and downs, Afghani regularly appear in the rankings of the most hated women’s garments in the opinion of men. The main claim is a catastrophic breach of the proportions of the figure, and to deny it is difficult. While Afghani is very comfortable for yoga or dancing – where they belong.

What to replace? Summer culottes, which will help to create a casual and classy look. However, best of all, this model looks high girls. If you want to visually increase the height, you should choose fitted pants, ankle-length.

9. Jeans with back zip

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Jeans with zipper in the back seam at first it seemed a wonderful breakthrough – finally the denim world, filled with new ideas! Unfortunately, we received another unnecessary thing, too provocative and vulgar for everyday use.

What to replace? Jeans with a standard zipper. Sometimes classics should be allowed to run the show, such as when the best option has already been invented and is not in need of transformation.

10. Cycling shorts

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Tight Cycling shorts have become the new trend due to outrageous Kim Kardashian. Yes, they really can be worn with a long trench coat or jacket in any case, some celebrities do. But still hope that common sense will prevail, and tight-fitting Cycling shorts, we will use only in conjunction with a helmet and protective gear.

What to replace? Vogue stylists suggest not to forget about the short skirt and also to pay attention to models in Safari style with massive pockets. For the office with a lax dress code will suit suiting-length shorts just above the knee.

11. Bolero

Вещи, способные испортить даже самый стильный образ. Фото

Cropped cardigan, to be worn with bandage dresses, remained somewhere in the 2000s, along with other strange trends. According to Vogue, the classic Bolero to wear only dresses in the style of the 20’s, and for everyday use to choose the shorter blazers just above the waist.

What to replace? Jacket length to the waist, which does not violate the proportions of the figure. He looks a winner with jeans, skirts and dresses, which have standard or high waist line.


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