They advised effective remedy for superstition


Ученые посоветовали эффективное средство от суеверийAnnounced the results of the study.

According to researchers from the University of Trento, we usually know superstitions in their native language. So they are listening or reading in that language makes us strong emotions. The study involved 400 volunteers. The native language of the participants was German. They also knew English.

The volunteers read descriptions of events in English or German language. Events occurred in the important day, for example, in the morning before the exam.

Participants were asked to imagine themselves in these situations. Every time before an important event is something normal (for example, man has discovered the clog in the kitchen sink) or associated with good or bad signs. Volunteers in the same language answered the question about their feelings in this situation.

Conventional accidents described in German and English did not affect the feelings of the participants. But the signs were for less intense emotions, when the volunteers read and respond in English, not in German.

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The people who read and answered in English, the negative and positive emotions caused by good and bad omens, was less intense. By the way, previous studies have shown that people who think in a second language, think smarter and relying less on intuition.


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