These warning symptoms may indicate a malfunction of the liver


Эти тревожные симптомы могут говорить о нарушении работы печениAbout the liver shows a constant inflammation on the skin

The overflow of the liver with toxins, the body can not cope with their timely conclusion. This can lead to dangerous health consequences.

Some symptoms indicate a weakening of liver functions.

1. The impossibility of weight loss

If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, eat right but the weight is not reduced, it could be a symptom of disorders of the liver. Therefore, if you notice this symptom you need to seek help from a doctor and undergo an ultrasound of the liver.

2. Color change waste

With the deterioration of the liver color of faeces and urine becomes darker, the smell becomes more pungent. About the unpleasant processes of the liver shows “gassed” and increased pressure in the abdomen.

3. Skin condition

About the liver shows a constant inflammation on the skin, itching, hypersensitivity. A typical signal improper operation of the liver is the appearance of small red dots.

Also about the weakening of liver functions show increased fatigue, lack of energy, tone.


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