These warning signs can indicate problems with the kidneys


Эти тревожные признаки могут указывать на проблемы с почками Doctors told what symptoms cannot be ignored.

As a rule, kidney failure doesn’t manifest itself with any symptoms at the initial stage of development. The symptoms, of course, appear, but much later than required in order to seek help from doctors.

Before you know about symptoms of renal dysfunction, you should understand why the kidneys might fail to start to work properly.

So, the kidney is the internal organ that performs the function of cleansing the blood of toxins and various wastes, which leave the body with urine. If the kidney is affected, blood clog, which leads to serious violations.

Most often, renal failure develops in people who consume too little liquids. Therefore, doctors recommend not to ignore their advice and enjoy the day at least 1-1. 5 water to support the kidneys and prevent the development of possible diseases.

The symptoms indicate that the kidneys are not working properly:

– there is swelling of the face, arms, legs and fingers;

– changed color of urine;

– frequent urination;

– developed iron deficiency anemia with all its consequences, namely, skin pallor, fatigue, malaise, drowsiness;

– itching bothers you without any apparent reason.

Often, when renal failure patients are worried about pain or tingling in the kidneys, but it is in the case when the disease is in the stage of progression.

By the way, people suffering from diabetes, hypertension and other heart diseases, as well as those who have kidney stones, you should be alert and try to avoid dehydration, which can lead to renal dysfunction.

If you point the above symptoms, then you should immediately consult a doctor.


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