These vegetables most of all prevent to lose weight


Эти овощи больше всех мешают похудеть On the note of losing weight.

Researchers from Harvard analyzed information from the food diaries that were several thousand volunteers, men and women.

The researchers asked the subjects to record the use of products from the list, which included more than 130 names. Analysis of these diaries showed that plant foods with high starch content prevent to lose weight, and sometimes even help you to gain weight.

The most popular starchy vegetables are corn, peas and potatoes. Researchers are advised to control their use. Such vegetables, according to them, are a great addition to the diet, but strictly on the condition that are not used as ingredients in fried, fatty and high-calorie dishes.

The best products to help you have a slender figure, as it turned out during the study are those that contain a lot of dietary fiber.


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