These useful properties of dried strawberry is little known


Эти полезные свойства сушеной клубники мало кому известныIt turns out that there are many reasons to dry strawberries.

In the midst of the strawberry season and very soon it will be completed, and will resume already in August and that is not a fact. So now each family has a real opportunity to stock up on vitamins for the winter.

Of course, to keep strawberries fresh is almost impossible, but to freeze or to dry it just as easily. There is nothing easier than to wash, a little dry and send to a long freeze or cut into thin slices and arrange on trays electromusic.

Special equipment if you do not, then you can use the old fashioned method of cooking dried fruit – chopped strawberries spread on a wide plate or tray and put in the sun.

Why dry the strawberries?

Dried strawberries improves the composition of blood and instantly increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood preventing the development of iron deficiency anemia.

Physicians are convinced that strawberries dried – a great tool for boosting metabolism and even weight loss, so everyone who has problems in this area, care must be taken to ensure a supply of berries for the year ahead.

If you belong to the category of people with heart disease and blood vessels, dried strawberries have become one of the favorite treats for you. It is proved that it has good effects on blood vessels, cleaning them and improving circulation, which itself is beneficial for the heart.

Scientists in one of the studies have found another useful property of dried strawberries. As it turned out, this berry protects the stomach and intestines from free radicals and cancer. But for this effect you need to eat 10-15 berries per day.

Fresh strawberries is associated with a romantic date, but the fact that dried berry is a powerful aphrodisiac many are not even aware.

By the way, stored dried strawberries may be no more than 2 years, while its useful properties remain unchanged. But berry should be placed in a glass jar, hermetically sealed with a lid and stand in a dark dry place.


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