These used electric cars are sold fastest


Эти подержанные электрокары продаются быстрей всегоWhich models are easier to sell.

According to a new study site in the U.S. is now in order to sell used electric cars on average have 46 days. Fastest on the secondary market of cars with electric propulsion is sold crossover Tesla Model X is 28.4 days.

1. Tesla Model X
In the United States is now the dealer takes an average of 28.4 days to find a new owner b/a crossover Tesla Model X.

2. Tesla Model S
New Tesla Model S yet, so the Americans are willing to buy the current generation of this model on the secondary market. Sold b/y Model S in an average of 32.4 days.

3. Chevrolet Bolt EV
Chevrolet Bolt EV, a large reserve. He therefore is in demand. In the secondary market Bolt EV is sold about 35.2 per day.

4. The Volkswagen e-Golf
Electric Volkswagen e-Golf is not in the entire United States, but only in some States. However, on its resale takes an average only 38.4 per day.

5. BMW i3
Used BMW i3 for sale in an average of 39.2 days. But this figure includes the version of “Rex,” which also has a small gasoline engine.

6. Nissan Leaf
On the used market a lot of electric cars Nissan Leaf. This model is leader in sales of new electric cars. For sale/used Leaf takes an average of 39.4 days.

7. Ford Focus Electric
Ford has already stopped making Focus Electric. On average, dealers sell such b/a electric car for 41.4 per day.


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