These tips will help to minimize the dangers of snow for car


Эти советы помогут минимизировать вред снега для автомобиля With the right approach, the snow should not significantly harm the machine.

Experts said, the damage that snow can do to the car, and how to prevent a number of problems.

It often happens that the particles fall on control unit Windows. Standard wiring for all vehicles designed to minimize the likelihood of contact with contacts water. If you open the driver’s door, sometimes in the cabin is the snow, but it is a no-brainer, until melted. A couple of snowflakes will not harm, more problems will appear when the motorist will leave the glass door on the washer open.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that snow falls from the shoes of the driver or passengers, appearing on the floor. It’s also not terrible, because these places are no connectors.

Overall, the increased humidity in the cabin harms the safety of the car and is not conducive to providing a normal microclimate. Wet carpeted car provokes corrosion of the bottoms, often sweating glass, and this affects the visibility of the road and reduces traffic safety. The mats will later create unpleasant odor.

To fight the damp, you need to shake the snow from the roof of the doorway and knock legs. Even better to have a brush to clean the car. The salon should be extra mats.


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