These symptoms will indicate serious problems with the kidneys


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Your kidneys play a vital role in your health, but it can be difficult to understand that with them something not so. Internal organs, and people rarely know how they feel or how kidneys are functioning.

To stay on top of the kidney health, you need to look for other symptoms.

Back pain without a known cause. If you have back pain for no reason, then the reason for this can be kidney problems. This is especially true for back pain.

Itching and other skin problems. Itching, unexplained rashes and other skin problems can be caused by kidney disease.

The smell of ammonia. Kidney disease causes the body not to properly destroy the waste, which leads to excess urea in the blood. This can lead to the fact that urea is split into ammonia in the mouth with saliva, which leads to the smell of ammonia.

Nausea or vomiting. When the kidneys are not doing their job, harmful waste products begin to accumulate in the bodily tissues.

Feeling cold all the time. This can either be a symptom of anemia, or increased fevers. As noted above, kidney disease contributes to anaemia. If it’s infection, it can also lead to fever.

Uneven breathing. Difficulty breathing may be caused either by increased fluid in the lungs, or anemia. Kidney disease can cause both of these problems. Lung problems are always a serious problem and should be checked by a physician.

Edema — swelling or bloating caused by fluid retention. It is most common in the legs and ankles, but may involve the face, hands and other areas.

Dizziness and problems with concentration. This can be a side effect of anemia and it is highly recommended that you be checked by a physician.

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Fatigue. If you are tired all the time, no matter how much you rest, it could be anemia. The impairment of renal function contributes to anemia. Even without anemia, failure to properly eliminate toxins can leave you with less energy.


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