These symptoms indicate damage to the liver


Which indicates disease.

From diseases of the liver can suffer up to 30% of adults, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

Doctors called a complex of symptoms, which signals the body about the destruction of the liver.

Asthenovegetative syndrome

Symptoms that indicate a diseased liver can resemble a cold. The person overcomes a weakness, he feels the loss of tone and strength in the circumstances to do not have. Can also increase the temperature.

In addition, this syndrome involves neurological manifestations in humans, increases irritability and frequent headaches. Experts say that damage to the liver adversely affect the condition of the nervous system. In such cases, there are moments of strange behavior, almost childish waywardness in adults.

Dyspeptic syndrome

It is characterized by loss of appetite, constipation alternating with diarrheas. Also people may feel bloating, nausea, frequent belching, bitter taste in the mouth. These signs can be added to the aching pain and a feeling of heaviness on the right side.

In addition about what is happening in the liver destructive process can honk the skin, which becomes prone to fade or become yellowish. Another may experience severe itching and other symptoms resembling an allergic reaction.

Hemorrhagic syndrome

Over time, with the development of liver disease is formed hemorrhagic set of symptoms. It includes bleeding gums, bleeding from the nose (in severe cases may cause intestinal and stomach bleeding).

Occurs unexplained weight loss. People notice the bruises, not knowing how to get them. He may start growing belly, swollen — feet on the face.

When the liver can no longer cope with the elimination of toxins, develops encephalopathy.

“Discovering these symptoms should not delay the time to go to the doctor. In the early stages of liver disease are successfully treated,” — said the scientists.


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