These spices and oils have pain function


On their use you should know.

Experts told, what natural remedies can replace painkillers, because if I get involved in such drugs can cause its harm to health, reports the with reference to

To cope with localized pain will help turmeric.To get the maximum effect, you should make an infusion from the roots of turmeric and take it as needed.

With back pain will help you handle peppers. It should be grind into powder and diluted with water. Anoint the resulting mess a place where you feel the pain and after ten minutes rinse.

Helps to cope with the pain and acts as a sedative lavender oil. It is used since ancient times.

Will reduce pain and help you cope with spasms peppermint essential oil. But if you suffer from toothache, take a clove. It suggest just put in the mouth.


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