These simple tips will help the psychologist to believe in yourself


Эти простые советы психолога помогут поверить в себя Eight recommendations to improve self-esteem.

Every person at least once in your life disappointed in myself. Causes could be problems at work, bad atmosphere at home. And some people search their whole lives are unable to believe in themselves and realize that they can do better, they just need to stop being ashamed of myself and afraid to Express themselves.

There are many ways to overcome your fear of other people’s opinions, but this article will discuss some psychological tricks that will help to take another look at life. Here are some of them:

The first step is to find exactly the deal you like. If you like something, you will try to be the best, and if the person in something the best, then if someone condemns, it only means that these people are jealous of him, because they themselves are unable to achieve anything in this area.

It is important to discuss the problem. It helps to solve them and prevent their recurrence.

Not necessary to aspire to the norm – it simply does not exist. All that imposed by society, is only a stereotype of the ideal, which all are trying to achieve. The main thing in life is to find what’s important to the person and to strive to become what you dream of becoming.

No need to constantly condemn yourself for the mistakes and errors that were committed. It is enough to analyze their actions from the outside and understand what you did wrong. If you can learn to look at everything objectively, not constantly blame yourself, you can see what really went wrong and fix it.

To stop being lonely and feel abandoned, you need every day to take risks and to tie the conversation with other people. You need to give them what you yourself want to. Of course, in this case, the risk of being rejected and misunderstood is very high, but someday the day will come when you will be able to find a common language with another person and will find happiness.

Usually confident people are confident because they have achieved something he had dreamed. In order to raise their self-esteem, you need to set yourself tasks and do them. No matter hard or easy they would be important to meet them and enjoy the moment of awareness that all obstacles were left behind.

It is impossible to consider his feelings wrong. Very often, the society criticized and humiliated those people who show their feelings. These people then think I feel something wrong. In fact, you should just understand that if the person senses something is already right. The reaction, emotions and sensations man is more do not depend on the situation and what actually is. The expression of these emotions and feelings will only show uniqueness.

Sometimes people get desperate because the other people in their environment say about them something unpleasant. Need to brush my circle of friends and acquaintances, and to leave only those most useful. This does not mean you have to stop to chat with everyone who said something bad about the person, you just need to perform the identity of the people called friends, and to understand who plays a big role in my life.

There are people who are willing to support, and to say their true opinion on some subject, which is very often offensive. And there are people who are able to condemn without cause, and to use man. You need to study in detail every person in their environment and to understand whether he really is.


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