These simple rules will help you fall asleep quickly


Эти несложные правила помогут быстро уснутьDoctors have listed important rules, which can help to cope with insomnia.

Many people very long to fall asleep, and the next day feel sleepy.

To somehow help such people, doctors have identified some rules that help to fall asleep just as soon as my head touched the pillow.

What to do to fall asleep quickly?

For a start, it should be noted that the dinner should be light, as heavy meals will not allow you to fall asleep before the stomach will cease to digest.

Enough to eat a piece of boiled meat or fish with a fresh salad or serving of cottage cheese with sour cream and unsweetened green tea.

It is advisable not to drink alcohol, especially before bedtime, because it is not just poisons the blood, but also contributes to sleep disorders.

Now follow these rules:

– three hours before bedtime stop being physically active, your body needs to get used to the fact that it is time to relax and calm down;

stay on the at and plan on tomorrow/week/month/year;

– if there are any unresolved issues or negative emotions – write them down and burn the piece of paper, so you should be a little easier;

– take a warm bath or shower, the water is more relaxing than anything else;

– turn off an hour before bedtime in your house all the electronic gadgets, TV and everything that can distract you from sleep;

– drink a Cup of green tea or herbal decoction of medicinal plants: mint, lemon balm, Linden;

– read a book after 10 pages you should want to sleep;

– air the room in which you sleep;

– turn off the lights throughout the apartment or mute it until then, until you’re about to go to bed;

– put on your pajamas or underwear, which you will be most comfortable, not cold and not hot;

– create the bedroom in complete silence and go to sleep.

Experts say that if you follow these rules one by one, then you will no longer bother any thoughts, other sounds and the lights, you can quickly fall asleep and sleep well.


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