These rules of weight loss will help to become slim even lazy


Эти правила похудения помогут стать стройными даже ленивымNutritionists advise to learn them by heart.

Many people want to lose weight, but do not want much strain. Then in the course are strict diet that literally ruin health and first help you quickly lose weight and then provoke them a quick set back.

Nutritionists say that to lose weight you need to change two things – nutrition and physical activity. But this is in General, but if you delve into this issue, you’ll find several rules that help you lose weight and stay healthy.

The experts identified only five rules that will help to lose weight even the lazy people:

1. Complex carbohydrates need to eat until 16:00 and simple, such as fruit and dried fruit before 12:00.

2. The amount of fat in the daily diet should not be less than 25 g and 35 g, of course, we are talking about healthy fats, not carcinogenic.

3. The interval between meals may not be more than three hours, otherwise your metabolism will slow down and weight loss will be impossible.

4. After 16:00 it is advisable to eat protein foodslike meat or fish, but they should be not very fatty and it is better if the dish will complement the vegetables. If you train in the evening, dinner should already 30-60 minutes after class, and the proteins will help build muscle.

5. The calorie deficit. Here it is necessary to study the subject more carefully. To lose weight need to reduce daily caloric content of food, but not much. A small deficit will help you to effectively drop those extra pounds, but if you create a huge calorie deficit, the risk of off the plan are increased significantly. Moreover, the weight can stay. Therefore, reduce your calories reasonably for women the minimum is 1200 kcal/day, men 1500 kcal/day.

Every day to see on the scales at least some “minus” should simply comply with the above rules of losing weight without exhausting yourself with diets and workouts.


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