These products will help maintain the health of the thyroid gland


Эти продукты помогут сохранить здоровье щитовидной железы Doctors have called three of the best product for thyroid gland.

Regular use of these products helps to avoid the symptoms associated with the development of Hashimoto’s disease. Also known as autoimmune thyroiditis, this disease is severe and difficult to treat, it affects the thyroid gland and affects the entire immune system by interfering in its work and forcing them to act to its detriment.

Leader “product three” proposed by scientists to maintain a healthy thyroid gland, was the tuna. According to experts, tuna are mainly preferred for thyroid as a source of vitamin D, which is also often called “the main vitamin of life.”

Vitamin D is important for the main for sustenance physiological processes in the body, it is necessary for the full assimilation of many nutrients. One hundred grams of tuna can give the daily requirement of vitamin D, said the scientists.

Also for a healthy thyroid function is extremely important to eat nuts. Experts believe that Brazil nut in this plan is suitable for body best. Daily dose of product — it’s just two nuts!

“Its use provides the body with minerals, including selenium, which is the maximum positive effect on hormonal balance”, — explained his choice by the scientists.

Third place in product “podium winners” went to the white beans. This kind of bean is rich in iron, which has a highly positive effect on the thyroid gland, the researchers noted. Its use helps to reduce stress, encouraging and process of losing weight, and regulate blood sugar levels.


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