These products will help get rid of cravings for carbohydrates


The actual problem for many.

When properly drafted diet you can get rid of the craving for carbs and help yourself for prediabetes without Metformin, reports the with reference to Browser.

About this on his page on the social network Facebook announced a nutritionist Svetlana Skosarev.

Also the nutritionist said that you need to replace multiple snacks on at least two, and preferably three or four for a full meal. Between them is allowed one or two snacks, so it was not strict prohibitions.

“What a full meal? Full meals consist of: protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, soy, legumes, etc.), carbohydrates (cereals, grains, bread, legumes, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, etc.), fat, mainly due to the unsaturated: marine oily fish, nuts, seeds, flax seeds, olives, olives, olive, flax oil etc,” said the doctor.

Also, the dietitian noted the importance of motor activity, Recalling that in diabetes the main problem is that cells become insensitive to insulin and blood sugar increases.

“Choose any pleasant and possible for health physical activity: walking, swimming, exercise, yoga, dancing,” said Skosarev, emphasizing that the recommendations are for informational purposes and does not replace the advice of a doctor.


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