These products relieve pain in the throat


Current fall issue.

With the onset of cold weather to keep the colds become harder. If the inflamed throat or sore throat pain, try as drugs these products.

If the traditional rinses and lozenges for the throat of little help to ease the sore throat will help products that are in every home.


Licorice root — an excellent remedy not only for cough. It removes unpleasant “tickle” in the throat, relieves pain in the tonsils. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties will help to quickly deal with angina.


Pour boiling water over the dried sage leaves and leave to cool to pleasantly warm temperature. You can also season them with a bowl of chicken soup. Sage has long been used of all kinds of pain, including ulcers and. And in combination in spray with Echinacea, sage are also effective in angina, the pain the lidocaine.

Ice cream

This paradoxical advice refers not to a series of “wedge wedge”. Cold products perform the role of a “cool tub” for the throat — reduce the bacteria that can help to ease pain angina. Is his only need just a little bit.


Due to their soft consistency, they do not hurt a sore throat. Moreover, bananas contain vitamin C which will help the body recover faster and to resist disease.

Boiled cabbage

It is rich in antioxidants and will help you to cope with a cold and sore throat. However, in their raw form if sore throat it is not. Braise it or cook in plure that it does not injure the mucosa.

Boiled carrots

Sauteed carrots, steamed, or roasted carrots will help to recover faster due to the immune-boosting vitamin A. in addition, it promotes rapid healing of the mucous membranes of the throat.


This is a classic drug that will soothe the pain and to add forces in the fight against infection. Brew a tea from thyme, rose hips, chamomile, Linden, branches currant or raspberry, plain black or green tea. Please note that drink it needs not hot, but warm to once again not to injure the throat and not to create hot, nutritious environment for bacteria.

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Perhaps the most effective natural cure for colds and sore throats. This is a known antioxidant and immune stimulant. So why deny yourself the pleasure to be treated nice?


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