These products increase the attractiveness of a person


Эти продукты повышают привлекательность человекаThese substances, a person may smell good for quite a long time.

Scientists have finally explained why one person smells nice or nothing at all does not smell, and with others in the confined space at all unrealistic. Of course, if one does not observe the daily hygiene, it is 100% will emit a foul-smelling aroma and even deodorant won’t help. It turns out, it’s all about what we eat, but rather by the dietary habits of man.

Many people who carefully monitor their health and appearance, know that the smell of their bodies may depend on the food they consume every day. In the days of ancient Persia concubine before going to the Governor for the night for carnal pleasures, eating only fruit and nuts, and water was added a drop of rose oil. Your body girls rubbed various oils, then, because deodorant was not.

There are some products that seem harmless on the outside, but are kept hidden properties. Here, for example, everyone knows that after eating onions or garlic fresh breath will not be 100%, but meat and dairy products during “processing” in the stomach can give the sweat smell of decay products. Radishes contain sulfur compounds, which are absorbed into the blood, providing the body an unpleasant odor for a long time.

Scientists believe that meat-eaters always smell bad, and fans of meat products. Such people is very difficult with deodorizer to get rid of the stench, it is almost impossible. But not only meat can cause the effect is unpleasant-smelling man, not worse cope: sweets, eggs, mayonnaise, flour, fast food, etc. the Researchers identified the “smelly” drink is coffee, especially soluble because it contains acid, and in it bacteria multiply with incredible speed.

Some tips to smell delicious:

1. So that Your smell was similar to the aroma of the baby, you need to eat food in its raw form.

2. Eat more foods high in fiber.

3. Natural deodorants, fruits, nuts, greens and raw vegetables.

4. Green apples, all citrus and herbs not only give Your body an unusually fresh scent, and give a certain sexuality.

5. From drinks it is best to give preference to herbal tea lemon balm, sage and mint.


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