These products have a negative impact on male potency


Эти продукты негативно влияют на мужскую потенцию The doctors told us the use of any product should be restricted to men.

Each man wants to experience erectile problems, however, with age, to support men’s health becomes much more difficult. Experts say that if you experience such problems you should consult a doctor. The experts also called products, which affect erection.

First on the list is beer, which violates the hormonal balance in the body. A beer belly is not pride, but the first sign of lower testosterone levels and produce the female hormone. Also the erection affects of fast food, confusing hormones.

The decrease in testosterone affects the caffeine and increases the production of estrogen, but it is quickly excreted from the body. Due to the fact that the cakes are sugar and yeast, the man should not be abused.

Liquid smoke, which contains smoked sausage, destroys the genitals of the stronger sex. Scientists say that man per day should be consumed only 50 grams of sweet, so as not to harm the potency.

Experts have advised men to give up foods that contain much cholesterol, soy, salt, and soda. Also the day should not drink more than a liter of cow’s milk.

To quit Smoking and to drink alcohol, you need to play sports and spend more time in the fresh air. If you follow the advice, it potency at any age will be good.


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