These products greatly harm the health of the heart


Эти продукты значительно вредят здоровью сердца Doctors told about the products, from which should be abandoned.

If it is not possible to exclude these products from the diet completely, eat them, according to experts, it is necessary only in extreme cases.

About which products cause the biggest damage the cardiovascular system, writes Time magazine. On the pages of experts published a list of ten names.


The combination of saturated fats and carbohydrates, which represent hamburgers, can have a detrimental effect on heart health. In addition, the fast-food that they cook, often use not the best quality ingredients.


Sausages and other processed meat contain saturated fats, but too much salt – the perfect combination for the development of hypertension.

Intense fried food

Active frying on a hot plate promotes the formation of TRANS fat, long known for its ability to increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels and arteries.


As well as biscuits and almost all sweet and dessert products ready production. A diet high in sugar is a serious threat to the heart, according to the report JAMA Internal Medicine. In addition, it contributes to the appearance of excess weight and diabetes, improves cholesterol.


Juices from the store, especially the fruit, are Champions on the amount of sugar that the body absorbs.

Sweet cereals

Ready cereals, which are often presented as part of a healthy diet is actually overloaded with sugar and carbs. This increases the risk of inflammation and aggravates the desire to consume even more sugar.


In this common TRANS fats, which activate the process of accumulation of cholesterol plaques in the arteries and blood vessels.


This dish contains extremely high amount of sodium, and, in addition, is still saturated fat, plus sugar that is present in sauces for pizza.

Diet soda

Research suggests that people who drink diet sodas tend to consume more calories the rest of the food and drinks.

It is also known that drinking soda leads to negative changes in the bacterial composition of the stomach.


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