These products can replace the most powerful antibiotics


Эти продукты могут заменить самые мощные антибиотикиThey are best to include in your diet.

Experts say that a natural antibiotic can be called turmeric. This popular spice is has over 150 therapeutic properties.

Among the most important are anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic. Unlike synthetic medicines, this product does not harm the intestines, stomach and liver, but rather strengthens the health of the body.

Useful properties of the triple, if turmeric is combined with honey. This mixture improves digestion and has a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora.

For the preparation of “natural antibiotic”, you will need 100 grams of honey and one tablespoon of turmeric (powder).

The ingredients you need to mix to homogeneity, and the resulting mixture pour into a glass jar.

In the case of the first cold symptoms you need to apply the medication according to the following scheme:

First day – half a teaspoon every hour
The second day – half a spoon every two hours
Third day – half teaspoons three times a day.

It’s best not to swallow the mixture, and keep it in your mouth until complete dissolution. If you don’t like the taste, the mixture can be added to warm milk or tea.


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