These products can reduce libido


Эти продукты могут снизить половое влечениеSome foods are effective in reducing libido.

Libido and potency are largely depend on the level of hormones in women and men. Especially important is testosterone, if its concentration in the blood decreases, you may experience problems with libido. Conversely, the more testosterone, the stronger the sexual attraction.

Affect the level of this hormone can consumption products, and, as positive or negative.

These products should be excluded from your menu, if you have to go on a romantic date with all the consequences and intimacy including:

Sugar and all meals, which it is. The sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood leads to the release of insulin, which blocks the production of testosterone.

Coffee and energy drinks. These drinks though stimulate, but it can blunt the functionality of testosterone.

Yeast cakes. This may also include kvass and beer, which is yeast. The fact is that the phytoestrogens from yeast inhibit the production of sex hormones, causing reduced libido.

Alcoholic beverages. It is very important to comply with the measure and the right approach to the selection of alcohol. If a glass of red wine or mulled wine will help you to loosen up, then a couple of shots of vodka and cognac will dramatically reduce the potency.

Smoked meats and pickles. Food enriched with salt, provoke a reduction in the amount of testosterone in the human body, so lean on them during a romantic dinner is not worth it.

Soy products. This category of products, such as yeast, contains phytoestrogens, which in its composition is similar to the female sex hormone estrogen, which is increasing in the male body is rapidly deteriorating in potency.

Beans, peas and other legumes. These products also have phytoestrogens, so they need to avoid before you meet your “soul mate,” especially if you want to produce on it pleasant experience in bed.

By the way, these products are called natural aphrodisiacs: nuts, seafood, fish, spices, honey and chocolate.


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