These products can cause a breakdown


Эти продукты могут вызвать упадок сил Scientists from the United States reported on food, depriving of vitality.

In particular, can cause a breakdown of the various sweets and eating them first, contributing to a sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood, and then an equally sharp decline. The result is guaranteed an attack of weakness and then sharp hunger.

During the day it is better not to drink coffee and tea with sugar if not sweet it is impossible, it is better to use honey, it is useful for energy balance.

Cognac is often suggest to use for the effect of cheerfulness. But it can take place in the afternoon – if the strong alcohol drunk in the evening, it may be difficult to influence the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. In addition, brandy contributes to the expansion and contraction of blood vessels, the brain will lack of oxygen.

To deprive tone capable and flour products — they swell in the stomach, slow digestion and cause physical weakness and sleepiness. The scientists also suggest careful to eat the Turkey: according to them, contained in its meat proteins have a relaxing effect and can cause drowsiness.

Was included in the list of foods, consuming energy, and fried foods. Its digestion requires serious resources – this means that will be felt lethargy and a desire to lie down.


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