These products are dangerous to microwave


It’s a bad idea.

Thanks mikrovolnovoi ovens the food is heated much faster than on a conventional stove, however, there are products with which it is not necessary to do so, reports the with reference to Browser.

They may explode or lose their benefits.


Under high temperatures it can explode and harm your health. With the explosion of peppers emit harmful vapor, which can cause burns of the cornea, the respiratory tract and burns of the mucous.


Eggs should not be reheated in the microwave in any form. Raw egg in most cases just explodes, and a boiled egg in the microwave will lose its beneficial properties. Also heated eggs may cause harm to digestion and as a result, will lead to the deterioration of health.


Frozen berries when warming up can accumulate harmful substances to the body. Rapid evaporation of moisture in the microwave they too can explode. Thaw berries at room temperature, you can save them all in favor.


In milk contains beneficial bacteria for the human body. But warming milk in the microwave, especially in packaging, not worth it. As it can quickly deteriorate and lose useful quality.


In grapes a lot of sugar which, when heated in the oven may emit smoke and even catch fire. This also applies to raisins, which contains large amounts of sugar.

If you want to preserve all nutritious and useful properties of the product, then you should not reheat them in the microwave. Replace the oven on a regular pan or pot.


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