These popular products many people eat wrong


Many lose their favor.

There are useful products that many people use incorrectly. All of these products you are very well known. And of course, you know how to cook them. But how to do it really properly, so as not to loose any vitamin and trace mineral? In addition to taste get the maximum benefit? Each of these products is your little secret, and below we will reveal all of them, reports the with reference to

1. Broccoli

In one of the most useful products on the planet Earth contains vitamin C, chlorophyll, antioxidants, fiber, substances that destroy cancer cells, and many other essential body minerals. Like them all save? Chinese scientists in 2009 found that it is best to use this product in raw form or prepared on pair. No long roasting, stewing, and roasting. Even two minutes spent in the vegetable broth will kill of the beneficial properties of broccoli. Do not hurry to be upset — fresh vegetables, properly cooked or steamed and thinly sliced in a salad can also be delicious.

2. Strawberry

Sweet juicy berry, rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C, a favorite treat of many. You probably think now: “What it could be wrong? Strawberries after all, and not need to cook — eat and be happy!”. But here there are nuances: when you bring home a basket of berries, don’t wash all of it and rip the tails (the last is especially important). Many useful substances contained in the strawberry is very sensitive to light and oxygen. When you cut it or brush from the tails of the vitamin C and some other trace elements just disappears.

And another important thing, which you should definitely pay attention: buy strawberries only in season. Useful berry in winter in our country you can hardly find. But if I very much want to eat, instead of a beautiful glossy “overseas” strawberries better buy a package of frozen berries — even vitamins will be greater.

3. Black tea

Loved by many drink quenches your thirst and has many advantages. Someone drinks it just like that, others like to add a spoonful of honey and slice of lemon, and third there’s nothing better than tea with milk. And that’s the last we want to warn you: studies have shown that the interaction of these two liquids destroys a part of useful properties (especially those that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system). With tea antioxidants nothing will happen, but the catechins come in contact with milk protein, complicate its absorption by the body.

4. Flax seeds

Inside of these little seeds hiding a real treasure — fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans (a powerful antioxidant that prevents the development of cancer cells). What is wrong with this product? All the nutrients contained inside, which the human body cannot always fully understand. Adding a spoonful of seeds to the yoghurt, in a smoothie or energy bar, you hardly know all his valuable qualities. How can that be? Most experts suggest a healthy diet to grind flax seeds into a powder (or buy them in this form). This treatment is only broken shell and the texture of the product (what you actually need), and all the nutrients, conversely, are disclosed in full.

5. Asparagus

What ways of making this precious product is currently not came up with: the ones who have to account for every minute, even like to pile the asparagus in a special package and a quick “bake” in the microwave. Although the most popular, of course, is a common blanching in boiling water. Forget about all this! In the study, it was found that during boiling of the vitamin C (which, in particular, so appreciate this product) dissolved in water. Nutritionists advise to call on the assistance of the steamer or very, very quickly fry the vegetables in the pan. Asparagus should be tender and a little crispy, but not overcooked and soft — so not a single useful item will not be in vain. And another little secret: do not pour the water from the steamer after cooking asparagus — it is a lot of vitamins and minerals. This “broth” then add to the soup or sauce.

6. Garlic

At mechanical destruction of garlic formed a chemical compound allicin, the vast development of cancer cells, bacteria and fungus in the body. And if vitamin C, also part of the garlic loses some of its beneficial properties when interacting with the air, allicin is the opposite. Experienced chefs suggest finely chop or crush the cloves, leave for 10 minutes to one side, so all useful properties of the product has yet to be revealed and activated, and then add to salads, a pot of soup or pan with the meat.

7. The meat on the grill

Everyone knows that a grill needed to be alert and to trust the meat is only the professionals, and instead of a nice, juicy pieces of pork or chicken you can get burned hard “embers”, which warn nutritionists — in such crust may contain substances that stimulate the growth of cancer cells. When cooking meat at high temperatures with great heat produce harmful carcinogens heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

And never rely on the crust — always check the internal temperature of the meat thermometer. This simple measure not only eliminates the risk of insufficient consumption of the finished product, but will also help to avoid food poisoning.

8. Tomatoes

Of course, there’s nothing better than fresh tomatoes. Especially when it’s about to start the holiday season and they grow right in the garden — come on out, pluck and eat. Vitamins and other nutrients present in raw vegetables. But to get lycopene is a phytonutrient that helps to prevent the development of cardiovascular, oncological and inflammatory diseases — the tomatoes need to be heat treated, that is, to boil, to fry or bake. Scientists have found that the maximum content of antioxidants in this product achieved at the temperature of 90°C. the Best option for summer picnics is to make a salad of grilled vegetables, adding the tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, sweet onions, and bell pepper.

9. Yogurt

Sometimes, opening a Cup of Greek yogurt, you may notice a little liquid on top, from where you want to get rid of (Yes, many do exactly that and just poured it in the sink). Never, never do! This liquid serum, which contains a lot of protein, vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Just quickly stir the yogurt with a spoon and save all of these nutrients inside.

You have to be careful and Amateurs to add a couple of tablespoons of sour product to grilled meat or in a marinade for it. The beneficial bacteria and the heat — are incompatible. With protein, calcium and vitamin D nothing will happen, but the probiotics have to forget.

10. Cereals and beans

Unprocessed grains and dried beans (we go just about them and not about all cereals) contain in its shell phytates are antioxidants, which, coming into contact with vitamins and minerals, interfere with the body fully absorb. The way out is simple — before cooking soak grains and beans overnight (or at least for a couple of hours) in water. First, it will help to get rid of some of Filatov, and secondly, will facilitate the work of the stomach and intestines. And don’t worry: all the nutrients (including zinc and iron) at the same time will not disappear, but on the contrary, only better and faster to assimilate by the body.


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