These mystical forests attract hunters “ghosts.” Photo


These forests are associated with mystical legends.

Love to wander in the woods, enjoying the peace? Most importantly, the silence became too ominous.

Japanese suicide forest, Aokigahara

At the foot of mount Fuji lies a spooky forest, through the dense trees which do not is neither wind nor sound. This forest is so popular for suicides that the government had to put up propaganda posters with images of celebrities, calling not to go on a desperate step.

The Aokigahara forest is a popular tourist attraction for decades. At the entrance to the forest is installed the placard: “Your life is a priceless gift from your parents. Think about them and your family. You don’t have to suffer alone. Call us.»

This forest is considered one of the worst places on Earth. In 2003, Aokigahara found 105 telephone This number exceeded the previous year’s record (78). In 2010, police recorded more than 200 suicide attempts, 54 of which were “successful”. Usually the number of suicides increases with the beginning of the financial year. Usually people do it by hanging or overdose.

Superstitious Japanese do not exclude that in the forest there are ghosts zombie and evil spirits. It is believed, though once in the woods conducted the ceremony — obasute. This semi-mythical ritual, preserved only in folklore, according to which in the years of famine or drought, young Japanese took their elderly parents who could no longer work on the mountain to die there.

No documentary evidence has not been found, so, most likely, it’s just a scary story.

Pine Barrens, USA

Pine Barrens is an area of land in southern new Jersey in the United States whose name can be translated as “the pine Barrens”. Actually, however, a significant part of the territory is occupied by forests. These lands are practically not found people — 4.5 million km2 is home to only about 400 thousand people.

It is believed that in pine Barrens found shelter for “devil in new Jersey” — a mythical creature that had a huge impact on popular culture of the United States. It is described as bipedal, growing from 1 to 1.8 m. It is covered with black down, instead of feet he had hooves, and wings, resembling the wings of a bat. His head resembles a horse, and his eyes of course, glowing red.

From strange creatures as if even was a mother — a human woman, however, witch. Her name was Mrs. Leeds, though in the village it is often called “mother Leeds”. She lived in the late XVII century. According to one version, it is in the hearts shouted: “Let him be the devil.”after giving birth to their thirteenth child. The son met my mother’s expectations, then covered in feathers and immediately gobbled up the twelve my brothers and sisters. After that, he ran off into the woods, where lives so far.

However, variants of this legend there are many.

“Screaming forest”, UK

Plaksi village in Kent known for its “screaming woods”, which spread far. Who are there only! It is believed that in most lives 12-14 ghosts with different history.

At night the forest is filled with heart-rending cries of the spirits is the people who supposedly got lost and are unable to reach out to people, dying from starvation or from the teeth of wild beasts.

Among the ghosts there are two White ladies, a Red lady, a Monk, a phantom coach, the Ghost of the victim of the rogue and the Gypsy that was burned on the bridge.

Black forest Germany

German Black forest stretching along the banks of the Rhine, is in the truest sense of the words of the legendary venue. Dark pine thicket was the place of the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm. The forest is really dark — the dense interweaving of branches don’t let the sunlight in. According to legend, in deciduous forest inhabited by nymphs, the headless horseman and the Ghost of a king who abducts young maidens who dared to walk alone.

Forest Freetown-fall river, USA

Forest in North-Eastern Massachusetts — is a Bermuda triangle on land. There was a huge amount of paranormal activity. Originally these lands were the Indians Wampanoag who were convinced that the forest is sacred. In the forest you can find the graves of Indians. Some believe that these places are cursed with since the first settlers stole it from the rightful owners. In addition to the suspicious glow and strange noises coming from the thicket, they say that in the forest, Freetown-fall river often conduct satanic rituals.

For example, Carl drew, pimp and the leader of one of the cults, 13 October 1979, brought here in the sacrifice of a prostitute named Donna Levesque. Just a year before this event, in November 1978, the forest was found the body of Mary Lou Arruda, a 15-year-old cheerleader, tied to a tree.

The Forest DOE Hill, India

Les Dow hill is one of the most horrible places in India. It is located near the town of Kurseong between the borders of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Visitors of the forest say that it is worth it to dive into the thicket, they begin to feel like someone was watching. Thousands of invisible eyes watching every movement of the strangers in the woods.

Most people were headless boy. He wandered the woods in search of home and family.


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