These hotels come for the meeting with the ghosts. Photo


В эти отели приезжают ради встречи с призраками. ФотоAbout these places legends.

The story of how, in a particular hotel room is haunted by a Ghost, can be found in almost every hotel in any state. Many owners do this kind of is to the institution only in order to settle as many people who have longed to see the maid’s Ghost, a suicide, or a maniac with an ax (it all depends on the legend). But there are places that are really shrouded in horror, pain and fear.

They are not accepted to talk a lot, do not call back people, and certain numbers just refuse to pass. In today’s article we have selected for you some stories about hotels that still exist, and which goes very bad reputation. The majority of visitors of these places just remember with horror the time spent there. I do not know whether to believe the stories of these people, but the fact remains, the majority of those who visited these places, and vowed never to return.

Hotel Chelsea, New York

В эти отели приезжают ради встречи с призраками. Фото

Probably, everyone knows that the hotel Chelsea is one of the most famous places in new York. Here lived celebrities such as Andy Warhol, Madonna, Alice Cooper, Tennessee Williams, mark TWAIN and many others. In Chelsea famous musician Led Wisheses band “SexPistols” lived with his girlfriend, who was later stabbed to death in his room. Her murder was blamed Sid, and soon after he died of a drug overdose, his spirit began to see other guests of the hotel. In addition, in Chelsea you can see the famous poet and writer Dylan Thomas. Some guests said that the Ghost of a man seen near rooms 206, where he died of pneumonia. Others argue that the spirit is not just wandering the corridors of this hotel, and purposefully confusing to visitors to sleep with his rambling. Some also say that the spirit of Dylan walks into different rooms and watching guests sleep.

The “Hotel Winecoff”, Atlanta, GA

В эти отели приезжают ради встречи с призраками. Фото

When in 1913 the “hotel Winecoff” opened its doors to guests, many joked that this place is actually a bunker, because the public is assured that this is the only hotel in the world, which is totally safe. Early one morning in December 1946 the hotel caught fire. That day there were 304 guest. Due to the raging fire in the hotel killed 127 people. Everyone was in shock from the incident. Police speculated that the fire was not accidental, and it is the handiwork of some crazy arsonist. After the incident, “Winecoff” were not restored, and he remained abandoned for many years. After some time, it was redeemed and restored. However since then, this place gained a very bad reputation. Almost all the guests and staff smelling of smoke and fumes, although nothing ever burns. In addition, very often, were heard shouts and screams, and the fire alarm system that was installed by the new owner just goes crazy almost every day 2:48 the night. The majority of staff are convinced that the ghosts of the dead make themselves known.

Hotel Bourbon New Orleans

В эти отели приезжают ради встречи с призраками. Фото

When visiting New Orleans, you obviously can notice that this city is full of mysteries and enigmatic legends. This city is one of the most visited in America, and the hotel Bourbon is one of the reasons. Opened this place in 1827 as a ballroom, which held magnificent balls and glamorous parties for the nobility. The end of the century this building was purchased and transformed into a monastery, in which was the orphanage, school and medical facility. Based on historical data, while very quickly spread an epidemic of yellow fever, and many children from the local orphanage died. Now this place is a hotel, and many guests have reported seeing ghostly nuns who walk the halls in this place, but also constantly heard children’s voices, which at times it is increasing, then subside. The hotel repeatedly examined, but none were found. In addition to the nuns and the children’s voices, guests see the phantom dancer that is still dancing in the ballroom of the hotel.


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