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Here came face to face with the paranormal.

Not everyone likes a beach vacation, and if you prefer the thrill, then better to visit any hotel from our list of mysterious and mystical institutions of the legend about ghosts which do not leave indifferent several generations of intrepid visitors, reports the with reference on the BigPicture.

Each of these popular locations has its own history with elements of the supernatural. Here was real mysterious things that still attract fans of supernatural. Br-R-R.

The hotel Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles

If you’re a fan of old Hollywood, this is the place for you. If you are a fan of ghosts of Hollywood, then this is definitely the place for you! The range of entertainment options ranging from bars to random encounters with famous clientele. And the location is in the posh area of Los Angeles is reason enough to visit the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. But beyond all that glitter, according to legends, there haunted by the Ghost of Marilyn Monroe. Guests and hotel staff say that sometimes in these corridors can meet the ghostly blond woman, clearly similar to Marilyn. This is probably the most charming of the ghosts encountered ever.

Dalhousie Castle (Dalhousie). Spa hotels in Edinburgh

This historic castle was built in the 13th century and for many years served as the residence of the Earl of Dalhousie, Chairman of the Scottish clan Ramsay. In 1977 the count’s family sold his estate, and today it is a Spa hotel. Dalhousie castle is one of those historical sites where you can easily find a Ghost. Here is the phantom’s name is Lady Catherine, or the Grey Lady. Presumably, she died of unrequited love and since then doing periodic visits to the living world.

Tavern “Jamaica” (Jamaica Inn) in Cornwall

This is the place described in the novel by the English writer Daphne du Maurier. Daphne do in 30 years stayed at this hotel, which since 1750 had been the haunt of smugglers. According to the testimony of many witnesses, this place is a hotbed of scary ghosts, full of mysterious noises (footsteps, talking, the clatter of hooves, the creaking of the carriages) and strange visitors (who disappear through walls).

Hotel del Coronado in San Diego

This California hotel, built in 1887, also has a rich history and is associated with chilling mysterious story of the murder of a young woman. In 1892, stopping here is some Kate Morgan, a beautiful married woman who, being pregnant, has left her husband. A few days later her body was found on the steps of the hotel. Despite the fact that the incident was ruled a suicide, over time, the investigators came to the conclusion that Kate fell victim to the killer. And after some time the hotel became to appear the Ghost of a murdered woman. The Ghost most often seen in room 302, where she was unhappy. It always is a lot of wishing to stay in this room and experience the whole gamut of thrills.

The Langham in London

The hotel London Langham argue that one of the Windows of the 4th floor often see the figure of a man in uniform. Rather, it is the Ghost of a German Prince who jumped out of the window before the First world war. Most often I see a Ghost in room 333. A man in Victorian clothes is usually shown only in October. Also rumor has it that in the cellar Langham Hotel haunted by a Ghost of Napoleon III, who once stayed here as a guest. In the building of 1797, according to rumors, is home to seven ghosts. The most terrible story is connected with the Ghost of a doctor who killed his wife and himself during the honeymoon, which they spent in this hotel.

Hotel castle Ballygally in Northern Ireland

Located 20 miles from Belfast, the castle was built in 1625. Today this historic building is a hotel. In the corner turret of the castle in a small room with drafts, which the hotel staff called the “Room of Ghost,” often meet the Ghost of the woman. This is the Ghost of lady Shaw, who died after falling from the window of the bedroom where her husband locked her after the birth of their child. In addition, witnesses reported numerous sounds of laughing and running children, sussanah silk dresses when no one, the water in the shower, which itself is activated and floods the rooms on the floor below.

The Grand Hyatt in Taipei

This is a luxurious place in the center of Taipei does not look like it is possible to meet something terrible. But the information signs in the lobby say otherwise — built on the site of a military political prison, the Grand Hyatt surrounds himself with Ghost stories ever since, was built.

Relais Castello Bevilacqua

Located near Verona in Italy, this castle is full of history and tradition of the 14th century. Today the castle is the Relais Castello Bevilacqua is a romantic and luxurious four-star hotel, retaining its medieval charm, accentuated by antique furniture, historical paintings and ornate chandeliers. Legend has it that the castle is visited by the Ghost of the former owner Guglielmo Bevilacqua, which was burned down in 1884.

Dr Holms (Geilo, Norway)

This four-storey hotel offers 127 rooms of different categories, Spa-center and a number of great restaurants and bars. Guests during their stay can enjoy a game of bowling, or cooking classes. From the hotel Windows offer magnificent views of the mountain peaks surrounding the ski resort of Geilo. Despite this peaceful landscape, this hotel have their secrets. In 1926, during the honeymoon the young wife caught her husband in bed with another woman. After a mysterious three-day disappearance deceived the couple she was found hanged in the attic. Now her Ghost, the stories of some, lives in room 320.

The Stanley (Colorado, USA)

You watched the horror movie “the Shining”? If Yes, then you certainly will recognize the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park (Estes Park), Colorado. The famous writer Stephen king stayed in this hotel and it was here that he found inspiration for his novel “the Shining.”

The Stanley hotel was first opened in 1909, and famous legends about living in it ghosts. Guests have repeatedly reported about the missing things, mysterious sounds, and also about the ghosts inhabiting the walls of the building. TV show Most Haunted even investigated the hotel for paranormal activity. If this Stanley Hotel offers its guests complete comfort and spectacular views of the Rocky mountains. Including a 42 channel TV, guests will be able without interruption to enjoy the uncut version of the eponymous film by Stanley Kubrick.


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