These harmful habits can damage your teeth


Эти "вредные" привычки могут испортить зубыDentists told that often becomes the cause of tooth decay.

Everyone knows that the teeth should be cleaned twice a day and after each meal rinse your mouth to remove food remnants that may cause the appearance of caries, dental calculus and other diseases of the oral cavity in General.

But many people do not realize that some habits adversely affect your teeth and gums, namely:

– opening glass bottles with metal lids with the help of teeth mechanical damage tooth enamel;

– frequent consumption of very sweet foods leads to accumulation of bacteria that destroy teeth;

– improper use of toothpicks can cause damage gums and tooth enamel;

– regular cleaning of seeds and nuts teeth will lead you to the dentist, as it removes the enamel and even to divide it;

– Smoking provokes yellowing of the teeth, and the statistics show that smokers are much quickly deteriorate teeth than those who do not smoke;

– the use of highly rigid products such as dried fish and crackers, which usually act as a snack to beer, too, leading to damage of the teeth;

– if you bite a pen or pencil, caries and destruction of enamel can not be avoided, especially this subject to students;

– simultaneously hot and cold food is strictly forbidden, at least if you want to keep your teeth until old age, since temperature differential has a negative effect on tooth enamel that leads to its damage.

To maintain your teeth and gums in order to every six months to prevent visit the dentist and to dental health, which many do not and therefore have a lot of problems with teeth.


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