These habits significantly worsen the condition of the hair


Эти привычки значительно ухудшают состояние волос From the implementation of these actions should be abandoned.

Some habits can affect the condition of hair is stronger than others, say trichologists. Experts have identified among these professionals habits harmful hair, three such, which are accepted by the majority.

Habit the first: rubbing and brushing hair when it’s wet. You need to remember that wet hair is easier injured, so no need to RUB them with a towel after washing it. Strands after shampooing to gently squeeze and in any case not to comb wet.

Only when the hair dries, you can take a comb and a Hairdryer. And comb them to start with the ends, and comb should be with large teeth.

Habit two: neglecting to regularly wash the comb. Surprisingly, many use a comb, which is not washed for many months.

Experts warn that such a comb can be a haven of bacteria, can cause infection of the scalp. According to them, the comb should be washed thoroughly at least once a month in warm water with soap.

Habit three: dryness of the hair. Healthy strands should contain moisture, making them elastic. But the constant use of hair dryer, Flatiron or Curling irons greatly reduces the level of moisture in the hair.

A great way to save hair from drying out is to use coconut oil as a night conditioner. Only in the morning must not forget to wash your hair.


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