These habits are slowly killing the organism


Эти привычки медленно убивают организмDue to some habits that a lot of people, their body begins to experience a shortage of vitamins, which is associated with the development of negative physiological processes.

A group of scientists made the pages of Daily Mail, describing what habits can cause health issues and bring death.

“Sometimes people notice that I feel tired and weak. It may seem that the obvious reasons for this, but there are actually habits that negatively affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals,” he said in this regard, one expert, Dr. Sarah brewer.

In particular, she said that the absorption of vitamins is bad consumption of large quantities of coffee and tea. These drinks contain chlorogenic acid and tannins – components, which prevents the supply of cells vitamins. For example, coffee impairs the absorption of iron by 80% (especially if you eat it in an hour after a meal) and tea affects the absorption of zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Also prevent to absorb vitamins fully the pill. These tools can reduce the beneficial effect of folic acid, selenium, zinc, vitamins B2, B6, B12,C and E, entering the body with food.

Another type of medication that can lead to lack of vitamins due to malabsorption, are antibiotics, especially those which name begins with “ZEF”. These drugs interfere with the normal absorption of vitamin K, you kill the beneficial bacteria of the large intestine, reduce blood clotting and bone health. The tetracycline antibiotics interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium from dairy products, which is bad for the condition of the skeleton, skin, hair and nails.

Habits to use of laxatives can lead to this vitamin depletion of the body, warned the doctors. These drugs act so that the digestive tract simply does not have time to distinguish the useful substances from food. To preserve the health and appearance scientists advised not to take laxatives at all – instead, a better lifestyle and nutrition.

Even the constant use of sunscreen, doctors are convinced can lead to deficiency of nutrients – specifically vitamin D and calcium. People who often use such creams, doctors recommended to eat more fatty fish and eggs.


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