These five ways will protect you from premature aging


Эти пять способов уберегут вас от преждевременного старенияGenetics has shared new tips on how to stay young and not grow old before their time.

Scientists hundreds of years trying to create an elixir of youth, but so far only one drug that could stop the natural aging of the human body, and has not done. But the genetics argue that each of us can affect the body, internal organs, heart and circulatory system, not allowing them to grow old, but for this you will need to make the effort.

It turns out that the person ages due to the fact that at the end of its chromosomes are reduced in size telomeres. Every year the chromosomes become less and less, and the man at this time begins to observe a serious, though gradual, changes in its appearance and in how he feels.

To stop the process of aging in adulthood look really young, and have good health, you need to:

Discard feelings of hopelessness. Many men and women periodically hard to get out of a stressful situation, which took a good mood, meaning in life, strength and so on. In this state, they think that the situation is hopeless, but actually, the problem that drove you into a corner, need to be addressed, and immediately. Remember, the exit is always and only depends on you how quickly you will find it. Suffering and ever-complaining people, according to the findings of scientists, the chromosomes are much faster decrease, that is, old age comes too early, than they should be.

Try to earn more and to save money. As a rule, wealthy people the level of cortisol in the blood is low, and the length of the chromosomes is sufficient to first wrinkles appeared when they are already far beyond 40.

Learn how to meditate. You do not need to change religion or to study something new, go to the experts and so on. Just allocate 10-15 minutes a day in order to stay in complete silence with your eyes closed and in a relaxed state, sitting in a comfortable position and think about something beautiful that you will be appeased. From regularly meditating people the size of the chromosomes is greater than in those who do not, so say the scientists who conducted the study.

Don’t look for the pros alone. They are not there. For happiness, usefulness, and social well-being, which itself does not allow chromosomes to vary in size, you need to communicate regularly with different people, who you are and you have them too, and you have a joint topic of conversation.

Find a friend for life. Scientists say that people who have a best friend/girlfriend for many years and those married for years, have a chance to stay longer young as the telomeres on chromosomes get shorter very slowly.

There is nothing difficult to follow the instructions of scientists, the more that’s at stake is your youth, health and beauty.


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