These five reasons hinder you to fully enjoy sex


Эти пять причин мешают в полной мере насладиться интимомAll the problems in the head.

That for women sex is not only a marital debt and a way to have a baby, but also a pleasure talking less than 100 years ago.

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It is not the duration of sexual intercourse or the number of contacts per week, and the feeling of closeness and unity of the spouses and to the temperaments of husband and wife coincided.

If to add to this desire not only to receive but to give pleasure, to listen to your partner’s wishes and strive to learn something new, something enchanting sex You provided. It often happens that we, unwittingly, interfere yourself to feel the joy of sex. And that we in this way?

1. In sex, it is important constancy. For women sex is important to trust the partner, so it is much easier to relax and have an orgasm with a regular partner than with recent. In this case, it is not to focus on whether enough passionately behaves, what he will think about it, how it looks from this angle and not notice whether it is a layer of fat on her tummy. Of course, the sense of novelty attached intimacy sharpness, but true pleasure, often changing partners, You will not get. It is only a long-term partner you can trust the most hidden erotic fantasies, to experiment, and always studying each other and plunging into a new level of sensuality, You will be able to avoid boredom and routine in a relationship.

2. Be present in the moment. He is eager, and You are bored look at the ceiling and making plans for tomorrow. Sometimes this happens because of a mismatch of temperaments and sexual needs. This is perfectly normal, because all of them are different. But in this situation, losing both. You don’t get along, and the man thinks enough of interest to You.

In order to get pleasure from intimacy, you need to focus on what is happening here and now, and not to dissipate their attention on distractions. Be in the moment: sense of touch, sound, smell, do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts. You are to him the most desirable woman, and the rest can wait.

3. Talk. Feel free to talk about personal things. Your man, just like you, interested in the process, give you mutual pleasure. But he doesn’t have telepathy and can read Your mind can not. So gently guide him during the next, say what You like and don’t suffer if something causes discomfort. The only way to create a formula for a perfect intimacy for a couple. This is especially true of those who are just starting their relationship and lapped to each other.

4. Don’t make sex a bargaining chip. Sometimes women turn sex into a bargaining chip and manipulation. For example, the husband did not fulfill some of your request, and You have the evening “headache”. It seems that You do not directly connect these two events together, but everyone understands why this is so. Not such a good idea and frequent make-up sex. If there is a conflict, you need to talk and compromise, not go to bed otherwise the sex will turn out with a taste of resentment. Intimacy after an argument, indeed, is very passionate, but if this situation constantly, you may receive an aversion to partner. Therefore, all their problems should keep the threshold of the bedroom. Sex should not be a currency, a bargaining chip or way to establish a relationship, and it needs to happen for only one reason – you both want to.

5. Don’t do in bed that gives you no pleasure. A man wants in bed is what You absolutely do not accept, for example, anal sex. Fearing that do not satisfy it completely, You have some problem that You are not modern and relaxed, and it will start to look for it on the side, You start to think, disagree if. After all, sexologists say that in sex everything is allowed if it is consensual and does not harm health. It is not necessary to overcome itself and to force you to do things you don’t want to.

Sex should be a joy and a pleasure. Everyone has their own understanding of the boundaries and limits in intimacy, and Your partner should treat it with respect.


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