These exercises will rejuvenate your body from the inside


Эти упражнения омолодят ваш организм изнутриExperts suggested how to do daily exercises to preserve youth and increase life time.

We all know that life without movement is wasted passing time, but still a lot of health problems in adulthood and old age.

Doctors constantly told that if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, then he needs to change their habits and start to move, or for forty years it will be “semi-invalid”, perhaps even in the literal sense of the word.

No matter how old you are, if you are male or female, working or stay at home, you have a beautiful figure or not, simply repeating a series of these exercises every day, because they will rejuvenate your body from the inside, to make you stronger, fitter, more energetic and more productive. And most importantly – they will prolong your life.

Rejuvenation of the spine at home

Exercise # 1

Sit on the knees, the buttocks must be on your heels, hands on his knees. Breath – rotten back, exhale round it, but don’t move your neck and head. So you need to do 20-25 times, at first slowly and then accelerate slightly.

Exercise # 2

Stay in the same initial position as in first exercise. Three times take a deep breath and exhale, and on the fourth breath hold your breath the maximum as you can, but do not strain any muscles. Then exhale and you can repeat the exercise 2-3 more times.

Exercise # 3

Sit in Turkish, put your hands up and your fingers try to reach up, then relax and put your hands down. You can repeat this exercise several times, and after it lie for 5 minutes on a flat surface.

Exercises for rejuvenation of the whole body:

– stretch to the sides and up;

– jump on the spot with a rope or without it;

– stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands – vbci, and make the head tilts to the side, backward/forward, and also twist clockwise and counterclockwise;

– raise and lower hands to develop shoulder joints;

– make 10 swings each leg;

– poprisedayte 20-30 times;

– lunges is also a great impact on the human body;

– exercise “Bicycle” have to do only 20-30 seconds;

– stretch out after a rejuvenating charging that the muscle doesn’t accumulate lactic acid and you didn’t have delayed onset muscle soreness.

To rejuvenate the respiratory system, stand still and take a deep breath, when you do this, pull your stomach, and when you do exhale, sharply relax the abdominal muscles. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times, and after him sit in a chair or on the sofa to catch my breath.


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