These drugs can prolong life


Эти лекарства способны продлить жизньDoctors announced a list of components that will give you several years of life on Earth.

Experts from medicine listed three inexpensive medications to “accurately and proven” will help you live to 120 years.

What is this miracle medicine? We were asked to assess the power of the pharmaceutical industry in matters of life extension and its experts.


Originally a drug for the treatment of diabetes. Sugar contributes to the appearance in the blood vessels platelets and Metformin are struggling with them.

Later studies have shown and other properties of the drug. How many live cell determines the specific enzyme. It turned out that the Metformin helps the production of this enzyme by prolonging the cells life!

And most importantly, this medication is cheap, cheap, not patented by any specific pharmaceutical Corporation.

Expert commentary

– Yes, incidental properties of Metformin have long been known – says the doctor-diagnostician, PhD Pavel Tkachuk. – Empirically proved that it is 25 – 40% reduced risk of developing cancer. And really quite affordable. But do not rush to the pharmacy for this medication! To prescribe the drug can only be a doctor.


Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) is used as a mild pain reliever and for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Blood platelets tend to stick together and form clots. Aspirin prevents clogging of blood vessels – effectively dissolves blood clots.

But platelets can also be a mask behind which lurk the cancer cells. Subclauses them, cancer with the blood flow travels through our body. The body’s defense mechanisms it can’t recognize. And the cancer actually eats human alive.

Aspirin is the prevention of cancer. Those cores that regularly taking aspirin, the risk of cancer is reduced by 24%.

Expert commentary

– Aspirin actually promotes longevity, but only if taken for a long time, regularly, – says Pavel Tkachuk. – Many older people with cardiovascular issues do. But do not forget that the uncontrolled ingestion of aspirin is the risk of bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract. So to rejuvenate after consultation with your doctor: let your specialist prescribes you the necessary form and dosage.


This group of drugs against cholesterol plaques. The drug reduces the production of cholesterol in the liver, causing decreases and its level in the blood.

Statins affect human DNA. Life force of the cells define telomeres and their length. It has been proven that people who regularly take statins, telomeres decrease slower.

Expert commentary

– Statins are not so cheap drugs – says our expert. And they have a lot of side effects. Make them specifically for the extension of telomeres is inappropriate. Only if the doctor has prescribed.


That is also called the tablets of old age*

Melatonin (sleep hormone)
Rapamycin (to prevent rejection following organ transplants)
Enalapril (blood pressure)
Acetylcysteine (cough)
Vitamins C and D
*But there will be healthy people.

Of course, without the advice of a doctor, take medicines is not recommended.

Another opinion

Not with the disease fighting

– No evidence of grantopoluchateli (that is, the effect of prolonging life) from the above drugs, no – terapevt, Professor Pavel Vorobiev. – Still no life-prolonging drugs. As there is no single drug that can cure all diseases. And because diseases reduce human life (its maximum duration is now really 120 years).

Among the main obstacles to longevity – trauma, cardio-vascular disease (primarily hypertension), malignant tumor. In recent years, the massive limiter of life became diabetes mellitus, chronic bronchitis (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Their prevention and treatment – is the basis of longevity.

But pharmaceutical companies have other priorities. Some urge to thin the blood (aspirin), others to lower cholesterol (statins). But the star of the aspirin rolled: cardiologists agreed that his efficiency this is likely to be zero. Many doctors think the same ephemeral and the effect of statins.

As for longevity, the most important element is mental health. The epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease does not allow today a large number of healthy old people to live a long life. Cure for the disease there. So far the only way is not to sit in front of the screen, and something to create, to develop the brain.


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