These drinks can replace coffee


They do much.

Popular drink coffee – it is possible to replace the matches, chicory, cocoa, carob, masala, ginger tea, or milk whey with a juice.

Numerous studies have long refuted the dangers of coffee. But for those who don’t like or want to try an alternative, there is a whole list of drinks.


Japanese matcha tea has a sweet taste with a little bitterness. The caffeine in it no less than in coffee. The drink is invigorating and improves concentration.

With the right treatment in the leaves remains high antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In order not to reduce the usefulness, it is important to fill it with hot water but not boiling water.


Because of the light bitterness of the chicory tastes like coffee. This flavor gives the drink a polysaccharide inulin, a powerful prebiotic. Chicory is well absorbed by the body and also helps with weight loss because it dulls the appetite and contains almost no calories.

In the plant there is no caffeine, but the invigorating effect is present. It provides vitamin B5. Thiamine and increases endurance, making the chicory is a good alternative to coffee.


Drink made from cocoa powder beans is a natural antidepressant that improves mood and invigorates at the expense of caffeine and theobromine. In cocoa a lot of vitamins and minerals. Also during its regular use reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Cocoa helps to increase hemoglobin and improve the condition of skin and hair. But the drink has a high calorie content.


Carob is a popular “super”, which is made from the dried fruits of the carob tree. Beverage carob and milk looks similar to cocoa, but much, much sweeter.

Thanks to the natural sweetness in the drink will not have to add sugar, making it a dietary. Caffeine in carob no, but because of the large amount of vitamins it provides a burst of energy. Also, unlike cocoa, carob is not an allergen.


Tea masala is a warming and invigorating drink Indian recipe. It is prepared on the basis of black tea, adding milk and spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, fennel. You can also add other spices, such as, almonds, nutmeg, licorice root.

Thanks to fennel drink is good for digestion, and clove helps to stay healthy during flu season. According to Indian tradition, the drink must be high in calories, so it definitely added sweetener.

Ginger tea

Tea from ginger – vitamin, invigorating and warming. It contains vitamins A, C, essential oil and also improves blood circulation and gives a boost of energy.

The root of this plant you can add honey, lemon, lime. Ginger tea also can be mixed with black or green.

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Whey with juice

The whey contains vitamins A, C and V. magnesium Salts make the drink helpful for stress, after all, strengthen the nervous system. To improve the taste to add whey fruit puree or juice.


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