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У этих знаменитостей есть необычные хобби. ФотоThey clearly have a great imagination.

A hobby is a great way to not only spend time with pleasure, but also to show yourself, to test your nerves or to get a dose of adrenaline for the whole day. Despite the fast pace of life and busy schedules, celebrities are no different from ordinary average person, because they too have a hobby (although some prefer to hide how they pass the time, savvy journalists still manage to get the required information).

You’ve probably heard that Angelina Jolie is an ardent fan of various antique knives, and Nick Offerman loves collecting wood products. Today we decided to tell you about what other well-known personalities of the hobby. Get ready, some of them may seem a little strange.

Marilyn Manson collects prosthetic limbs, and likes to make absinthe

У этих знаменитостей есть необычные хобби. Фото

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the guy who is rumored to have removed his lower ribs to himself to please, has a pretty crazy hobby. We all know that Manson likes to drink, and one day he came out with his own brand of absinthe called “Manset”. According to the singer, the idea to create his own brand of alcoholic drink came to him at the next party, and give him the idea some sort of fan, saying: “You drink too much and spend lots of money on alcohol. Why don’t you start to do this?”.

У этих знаменитостей есть необычные хобби. Фото

In addition, Manson is an interior designer. In one interview he said his own home was designed after watching the famous TV series called “Hannibal”. House of Manson full of creepy stuff, including a painting by American serial killer John Wayne Gacy, gas cylinder, which was used during the Holocaust, as well as a stuffed fish with horns and chicken feet, which was donated by Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. The fascination with Manson strange things does not end here. In his mansion are also two human skeletons, the African masks of real human skin and the range of prosthetic limbs.

Norman Reedus collects breast implants

У этих знаменитостей есть необычные хобби. Фото

Not surprisingly, one of the leading actors in the TV series “the Walking dead” has strange Hobbies. But as it turned out, fans of Norman Reedus is also a little crazy. One devoted fan decided to send his idol, no, not a Teddy bear, and her own breast implant. Silicon miracle has quickly become one of the most valuable Souvenirs of Norman Reedus.

У этих знаменитостей есть необычные хобби. Фото

Thanks to such an interesting gift from his fans, the actor began to collect breast implants. In one interview he said, “I want to get in your collection as many breast implants!”. It is impossible to say with certainty how many at the moment, Norman gathered someone’s breast implants, but it is clearly not going to stop all the adds to your collection.

Hobbies Nicolas cage is to collect as much as possible of the entire row

У этих знаменитостей есть необычные хобби. Фото

The actor is known not only for its strange habits, but also a huge comic collection, which he meticulously collects from childhood. But do not think that this is where it ends. It turns out that the main actor of the famous movie called “national Treasure” all his spare time devotes to a hobby called “collect everything and keep at home.” Dried pygmy head home an octopus, a dinosaur skull is only a tiny part of what lies in the house of Nicolas cage.

У этих знаменитостей есть необычные хобби. Фото

In addition to various exotic Pets such as alligator, shark and the two king cobras, the actor also has an elegant reduced copy of the famous pyramid, which is located in the cemetery of St. Louis No. 1 in New Orleans. In addition, Nicholas Hobbies includes collecting Rolls-Royce, which he nine, motorcycles (thirty pieces), castles, haunted mansions, and even (at the moment he is single, but according to rumors, cage plans to buy another one). No wonder that such purchases caused the actor to financial problems. Interesting, then he’ll buy some country?


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