These cars can be found only in a single copy


Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляреBeautiful!

The selection of the most beautiful and elegant cars that were released in a single copy.

Admittedly, now that everyone is bending over backwards to seem original, unique and one of a kind. We all know that a woman feels when someone comes to work in exactly the same sweater as her. Men regarding appearance and the same clothes are not particularly bother. Representatives of the stronger sex want to have… a unique and unique baby, looking at that, everything would have groaned and gasped with delight. And by the way, this really isn’t about a beautiful wife or girlfriend. Every real man wants to have her unique, one of a kind machine that will be created especially for him.

Rolls-Royce Hyperion

This model ordered collector Roland Hall. It was released in 2008. Any car enthusiast will immediately notice that the Rolls-Royce Hyperion has a resemblance to the car of the 1930-ies, produced by Atelier Rollers.

Ford GT90

This incredible copy was first published in 1995 on exhibit at the auto show in Detroit. Then the manufacturer has positioned it as the most powerful supercar in the world. This is not surprising: the 12-cylinder unit of the car with four turbines gave out 720 horsepower, and the speed was no less than about 407 kilometers per hour!

The Porsche 911 Panamericana

This car was originally intended as a present for a birthday. Such an exclusive gift was given to Director of Porsche ferry Porsche in 1989.

McLaren X-1

This miracle gave the world the engineers Special Operations, carrying out special covert buyer from the Middle East. It should be noted that the wishes of a mysterious anonymous cost as much as 7 million dollars! Now I understand why lucky has decided to remain incognito.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta TRS

This is another clear example where the buyer decided not to disclose his name to the public. As you can see, the customer asked Ferrari to release a special open version of the coupe F12 Berlinetta. According to unofficial data, this unique concept made the buyer poorer by $4.2 million. Not too shabby!

Maybach Exelero

Let us not exaggerate if we say that this is perhaps one of the most luxurious and expensive supercars in the world. This auto is unusual story. The masterpiece was created in 2005 to showcase high-speed tyres of the new generation. 6 years later, in 2011, this exclusive acquired an American rapper Bryan Williams (better known by the alias Birdman) for $ 8 million. Ironically, just a year later the company Daimler announced that it would dismantle the brand “Maybach”, which for the last few years has brought concern only losses.

Cadillac Cien

This supercar was assembled about a special occasion – specially in honor of the 100th anniversary of the company. It was equipped with the most recent at the time the technology: the car had a complex satellite communications OnStar, voice control system Communiport, Parking assistant and night vision. Paradoxically, all these superpowers are not needed in real life – a luxury car so far and stands in the Museum.

BMW Gran coupé Pininfarina Lusso

When to create a car my hands THESE companies, it becomes obvious that they should come out a masterpiece. In this miracle combines modern elegance and confident speakers. Incidentally, the car decorated with expensive leather and wood Kauri.

Peugeot Onyx

It’s hard to believe, but for the creation of this car were used not only the usual carbon, but materials such as copper, felt and paper. The French were not going to mass-produce such models, however subtly hinted to all fans as it will look like the next generation of vehicles.


This exclusive was released in 1939. Six-liter engine capacity of 141 horsepower allowed to accelerate up to 162 kilometers per hour. At the time, the car has received the approval of Stalin and Kaganovich. After the war, the only copy of a masterpiece of the Soviet era disappeared.


Now let’s talk about the domestic auto industry. “RAPAN” was the first conceptual Russian electric car presented in Paris. He was released in 1998 in a single copy and, unfortunately, failed to gain approval even for a small-scale sequel.

Sbarro GT1

Assembled this supercar was in 1999 in honor of the victory of Mercedes in racing series Le Mans. The exclusive car is equipped with the 7.4-liter V8 engine capacity of 450 horsepower. At that time, this baby had no competitors on the technical characteristics.

Lamborghini Egoista

In celebration of its 50-year anniversary in 2013, Lamborghini has pleased the whole world of amazing new. Judging by the title of this car, it is easy to guess that it is designed only for one person. The naked eye can see that the appearance of the Lamborghini Egoista has something in common with military aviation. The main material of this concept – carbon fiber, that’s why vehicle weight does not exceed even one ton.

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Yes these are not cars but works of art!

Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре
Эти авто можно увидеть лишь в единичном экземпляре


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