These architectural projects can become a “wonders of the world”. Photo


Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». ФотоTheir scale is impressive.

Throughout its history people have built. House engineering construction, real wonders of the world. The construction is largely determined by the appearance of civilization. With the development of technology and construction projects become more and more widespread, and present in this respect no exception.

1. The international airport al Maktoum

Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». Фото

Fully commissioned this Grand airport in Dubai will be in 2018. The airport is the largest in the world on several parameters: bandwidth, complexity, total area. Started construction in 2010. The project then was estimated at 82 billion dollars. Now it has five bands and four corps, which is ready to accommodate 200 aircraft and 400 thousand tons of cargo. During the year the airport will be able to serve 160 million passengers.

2. The turn of the Chinese rivers to the North

Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». Фото

China seriously engaged in turning the rivers in the Northern regions. While we are talking about the three waterways with a length of 1 300 km. Turning of the river, the Chinese government wants to provide water to the most arid regions of China. To build the channels for the realization of the grandiose project began in 2002. The initiative will concern the four largest rivers – the Yangtze, yellow, Haihe and Huaihe. This project is worth $ 78 billion.

3. Dubailand

Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». Фото

We are talking about the construction of the largest amusement Park in the world. He will be in Dubai. The project is funded 64 billion dollars and area in 185 sq. km. According to experts, the Park will be able to take each year to 200 thousand visitors. There will be built the largest hotel in the world designed for 6 500 rooms. To complete the construction plan in 2025.

4. London Crossrail

Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». Фото

The construction of urban and commuter rail routes in London is one of the most complex infrastructure projects in recent years. Until 2020 it is planned to build 42 km of tunnels and about 40 new stations. The project London Crossrail is the largest construction initiative in Europe. An ambitious project worth $ 23 billion.

5. The Kingdom tower in Jeddah

Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». Фото

The highest building in the world built 32 kilometers from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). The height of the skyscraper is 1 007 meters. If the project succeeds, it will be the first building in the history of mankind, the height of which will exceed 1 kilometer. The tower will have 167 floors. At the moment the construction has already exceeded fifty floors. The project is about 20 billion dollars.

6. Overpass The Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau

Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». Фото

China has invested 17.1 billion USD in the construction of underwater tunnels in one of the most important regions for its economy. Here are three of the largest metropolis of China. Bridges and tunnels built across the Bay, which goes fairly intense Maritime traffic.

7. Beijing international airport

Эти архитектурные проекты могут стать «чудесами света». Фото

Finally, it is worth to mention another Grand airport, which will appear in Beijing in 2025. The cost was estimated at 13 billion dollars. Not hard to guess that this complex will be included in the top ten, and possibly in the top five for large airports of today.


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