Theresa may said the leader of the opposition in agreement with EU


Тереза ​​Мэй ответила на требования лидера оппозиции по соглашению с ЕСCorbin called for the introduction of “the customs Union is the whole of the UK” with the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa may said the leader of the opposition labour party Jeremy Corbyn regarding the adoption of governmental agreement on withdrawal from the EU.

May Monday replied Corbin.

The Prime Minister said that he would like to have both parties discussed alternative mechanisms for the “emergency mechanism” of the Irish border is the main issue, which in Britain can’t accept Brexit agreement.

“It’s nice to see that we agree that the UK should leave the European Union Treaty and an urgent task is the search for agreement, which implements our obligations to the people of Northern Ireland that can support the Parliament and about which you can negotiate with the EU without an election or a second referendum,” said may.

The labour leader called for the introduction of “continuous and comprehensive customs Union across the UK” with the EU.

In response, may said that the political Declaration – the second part of the agreement, a legally binding statement on the future relationship between Britain and the EU “clearly suggests the benefits of the customs Union”, tariff, fees and restrictions.

She did not indicate the date of the next meeting with members of the labour party, but said he expects it as soon as possible.


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