There was a video test causes hallucinations weapons


Появилось видео испытаний вызывающего галлюцинации оружия

Posted a video of the test station visual optical interference 5P-42 “owl”, which take place at the St. Petersburg plant of the holding company Ruselectronics.

Test unique Russian design, which neutralizes the sights, rangefinders, night vision devices, guidance systems, anti-tank guided missiles at ranges up to five kilometers, published by the TV channel “Star”.

On the ship included something like a powerful searchlight, the light from which you can easily go blind. The head of Department scientifically-technical support of projects of the company-developer Vladimir Zharov said that many of the volunteers admitted that before eyes there is a spot, which causes almost hallucinogenic effect.

“All reported dizziness, nausea and loss of spatial orientation”, – he added.

At the same fatal consequences for the eyesight not what distinguishes the invention from the Russian foreign analogues.

In early February it became known that the Russian Navy began to station visual optical interference 5P-42 “Filin”. Systems installed in the frigates “Admiral Gorshkov” and “Admiral Kasatonov”, the latter is now undergoing factory testing.



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