There is no militarisation, and will not


Нет никакой милитаризации и не будет

“The development of the appearance of the newest Russian submarine “Borey-B” returned to the experts. At USC acknowledged that is presented at the end of last year, the option was “not very with the point of view of the Economics of the project”.

I therefore repeat hotheads from demshizy, howling because of the alleged militarization of Russia. There is no militarization. Because there is NO MONEY. The cartoons have the money, but on a nuclear submarine “Borey-B” — no. Even the proverbial rocket “Sarmat”, which the patriots pisses me off, and demshiza — howling — NO MONEY. In 2017 only spent throwing a missile test, this is when using a powder charge to 40 meters thrown pig (pig) of this missile. The more powerful Soviet Union, which the elite did not sit in London on pilfer money from the stage throwing test to enter in “products” have gone 4-6 years. In the case of Russia, where fat cats pay the engineers MIC for $500 per month, and the machines — from NATO countries (German and Czech, because the machine tool industry “reforms” ruined) it may take 7-10 years.

There is no military and never will. If you will — the right to know: one of the patriots and demshizy will go to a sharashka, and the other will be expelled from Moscow at the place of residence. To the factory.


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