There is a new method of treatment of osteochondrosis


The doctor revealed the secret of the Chinese method of treatment of osteochondrosis.

Any back pain should be treated. Pain destroys brain cells and nerves, not to mention the fact that I can make you a cripple, according to the with reference on Version.

Chinese doctor revealed a secret method of treatment of osteochondrosis. In fact, there is no secret in this technique there is. Just need to do yoga. Especially effective are a few simple poses.

To get rid of back pain, do not have to swallow a lot of pills. The body is a tool that you implicitly obeys. And he will respond to your efforts.

In yoga there are many poses that only at first seem complex and difficult. In fact, with minimal effort, you’ll immediately feel the relaxation. In addition, many positions are able to relieve pain. For example, kidney, muscle, spinal cord, muscle.

For example, the pose “kitty” used by practitioners for treatment of osteoarthritis and can relieve the muscle pain. Fortunately, this position is considered to be one of the easiest. So it will repeat even beginners.

To perform the pose “kitty” you need to get up on all fours. Ubiraem hands to the floor shoulder width apart. The spine should be strictly parallel to the floor and neck should be leaning forward. On the inhale bend back to the floor and pull the neck up. On the exhale, the opposite – torso up, neck down. Don’t forget to breathe, watching the breath and repeat the exercise 10 times.

A recommendation from a yoga expert – to practice it is better to buy a special Mat, otherwise it will hurt your knees from the hard floor.


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